You love lifestyle and you want your house or apartment to reflect your passion for style, elegance and quality!!!

Creating the best stylish home for you, needs a lot of time and energy, even you have a group of specialists like a decorator, an architect, a garden designer and so on. There are a lot of things you have to think about and take care of them. Particularly is a little bit challenging, if you were never involved with such kind of occupation.

In this article I want to give you some simple tips to start making you thinking about few simple steps will help you create a bit of luxury style and elegance.

The 5 basic steps to start your home elegant transformation

Here are some very basic Tips to help you start your home metamorphose.

  • The very first thought you have to do is to take a look at the persons living in the house and their characters and need. Then you just require to look at your own need and character, if you are single, and this is easier of course. Speaking about couples, the characters are very often frequently revers. Perhaps one of them might be outgoing and the other conservative. Be prepared to risk a bit when making decisions on style and colour styling your home alone or with an inner designer or architect.
  • If you’ve never styled a room before, it can be frightening staring at those blank white walls attempting to figure out exactly what you are going to do in there. If you have a decorator, maybe he / she will stress you with all these amazing ideas he / she show you and you cannot be able to choose what you really want. In this part, decoration and home magazines can truly help you to find or to crystalize an idea about the style fits to your lifestyle, full of elegance and simple luxury. Magazines assisting you choose an inspiration room as a guide to create your very own with an expert’s help or not.
  • The colour of the walls will set the tone for the space you live in. So, actually take your time on that one to choose a colour or combination of colours you can live the next few years with and of course add elegance and style in your home and life. First start with the colours you like. Look thoroughly at the colours in them if you already have furnishings or have already some in mind. You can draw upon some of the colours in fabrics you will apply in the space. If you have some trouble choosing them alone or with a specialist, then return to the books or publications and see how the walls in other elegant houses are painted and also try to find the colour accents in the furnishings and how they all relate to each other. If you are using a picture of a space as your motivation then it can be a lot easier to obtain the colour right enough.
  • When your furnishings pieces are placed in the space, have in mind the flow of the area you are in. You do not wish to make a space choppy or looking too small and heavy uncomfortable. If you enjoy your life with simplicity, luxury, elegance and balance, and you are used to this style, usually you know what to choose alone or with the help of a decorator. Don’t hesitate to reorganize the colours and their combinations until everything it is right for you and your taste and needs.
  • Special decoration pieces add a lot of style and elegance in the end -look of a space. Plants and fresh cut flowers are terrific to put into any beautiful space and make it just amazing. They have life in them that gives a comfortable sensation to any area. A crystal vase or candle lights or even a painting or sculpture, can likewise soften a room and give a touch of luxury through its simplicity and beauty. Even framed posters with limitation number and quality or prints and paintings on the walls are an age old customized of style. It is a fact that will never go out of style.


Style and elegance don’t need to be complicated, expensive and confused. You just need to discover what your style is and exactly what makes you wish to be there. Then have fun putting it all together alone or with an expert help and create a simple luxury, style and elegance will remain and shine.

Reflect your lifestyle, elegance and the simple luxury design in the space you live and move in. With this way you will feel always balanced, happy and comfortable.


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