LC Ladies Care Body Oil with Glitter


Ladies Care Luxury Βody Oil with Glitter is an amazing 4 high quality moisture oils mixture for the body leaving the same time a Bronze Elegant Glow on your skin because of the Glitter powder in it.

It contains high quality ingredients and it`s hypoallergenic.

Live the shiny Magic by applying it on your body without oiling the surface of the skin even you use a body oil!!

Designed specifically to meet the body’s unique needs, this deep hydrating moisturizer promotes smooth and glowing skin.

It’s a breakthrough body moisturizing cream that literally “soaks” very fast into your skin and makes the dryness disappear!!

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The Ladies Care Luxury Βody Cream delivers continuous body hydration without oiling the surface of the skin. It helps you preventing future skin moisture loss, resulting in younger-looking and younger-acting skin. Apply this cream during your Parties, events, dates, Summer-walks and everywhere and impress everybody with your silky glowing skin.

100 ml

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